Party equipment hire


1. Do you charge for delivery?

Yes, depending on your location there may be a small fee, this also applies to other hire equipment such as Floss Machines, tables and chairs & popcorn machine.

2. Do prices include GST?

No GST payable.

3. How do we pay?

You may pay by direct deposit, we will ask you for a non refundable booking fee of $100 to secure your castle. You may pay cash on the day as well for the balance. You will be sent our booking fee letter.

4. Do you have castles for children and adults?

Yes we cater for children and adults. We only have one adult suitable castle.

5. How many children can bounce at one time?

No more than 9 at any time, may vary from castle to castle, please ask.

6. Can you supply a generator?

Yes, we do. But there is an additional cost of $50 please ask when you book the castle.

7. What kind of surface can you set up on?

Grass is the best, as castles are pegged, but we can also set up on hot mix , pavers, concrete or on wooden floors in halls, as we use sands bags. You must let us know what surface it is, and it must clear from gutters, sticks, dog poop and any other sharp objects that might harm the castle.

8. Do you offer supervision?

Yes, supervision can be provided, and there is a charge for this service, it’s @ $35 per hr. Please let us know if you require supervision.

9. Can we have a castle delivered to the park?

Yes, but you must contact your local shire for approval and please check if the park has it’s own power, other wise you will need to hire a generator, which we can supply. Generator hire is $50 for the duration.

10. Do you have public liability?

Yes, we have 10 million dollars public liability. You may dowload a copy from this site or email me for a copy

11. What if it looks like it going to rain or there is high winds?

A very small amount of rain may be fine, as some of our castles have grooves and can be dried easily. However if the weather is looking bad we will call you before we deliver to discuss your options as I don’t set up in the rain, wet castles can become dangerous and children can injury them selves, it also produces castle mould with in days and damages the castles. We will not set up in winds over 25kms per hour.

12. Will we have to pay if it rains or gets too windy?

Once the castle has been delivered and set up, assuming that the weather conditions were acceptable at the time, there is no refund.

13. Can we hire longer than 4hrs?

Yes, you can hire all day and over night, but charges do apply, see price list.

14. Can we hire for less than 4 hrs?

Yes, you can but our prices are set as the minimum hire charge. We still do everything the same, same travel, same set up time and pick up.

15. Do I have a police clearance?

Yes, I have a National Police clearance, which is renewed each year.