Are you planning on arranging a birthday party for your child?

Do you want your children and guests to have a blast? Hire our boy flash bouncer today! Our inflated bouncer product is guaranteed to give your guests, both old and young, a great time.

We offer a wide range of bouncers to suit every style and needs. Our boy flash is one variant that is sure to strike everyone’s attention with its 4×4 metre open multi-layered colour designs, with a roof for complete sun protection, our jumper is suitable for people of all age groups. With its open front access point, it is easier for your children to get on and off without any hassle.

Even you as a parent can join the fun with your family and friends and enjoy a bounce. As it is not a themed castle, teenagers can join the fun and have a good time too. We provide our jumper for overnight hire and evening parties, all you have to do is contact us and let us know of your needs and we will guide you through. Great for the smaller back yards! You will still need a 6 x 6 metre ground clearance and flat ground to set up on and access to power supply. If you do not have power access, we can provide a generator too.

Call us now for more details regarding any party equipment hire. We are always available to help you out!