Whether you are five or fifty-five, the fairy floss machine is something that the little ones and even adults of all age groups will enjoy. Add a touch of magic to your birthday party or any other special event with our fairy floss machine for hire. Our fairy floss machines produce some of the tastiest and top-quality spun sugar and cotton candy treats you can ever imagine. It guarantees the best kids party hire experience.

We strive to provide the best machines and services to match the needs of your event as well as to make it a huge success. You can hire our large commercial machine for $170 and get 50 serves and $1 per stick thereafter. Our machines come with clean dome covers for your safety and they are extremely reliable, with a heavy-duty motor and components that have been made out of top-quality materials. You can also hire our smaller machine for $150, which includes 50 serves and $1 per stick after that. We also offer bagged floss for $2.50 per bag – with a minimum of 10 bags per order. Choose from a wide range of flavours, depending on what is in stock – from Blue Raspberry and Vanilla Pink to Strawberry, Grape, Sassy Apple, and Orange. By hiring our fairy floss machine, you get the opportunity to present yummy and delicious treats for your special event. These machines are excellent for fundraisers, private functions, birthday parties, and family celebrations, or even small events.

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A great way to fundraise for your club, school, market or event”

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