Kids Picnic Small Table (Folding)

These foldable picnic tables are perfect for backyard parties with the little ones. Our folding picnic tables are specifically designed to be used as low picnic tables for kids to interact with each other and enjoy their party snacks.

The tabletop is 84 cm long x 49 cm wide and comfortably seats 6 children at one time – 3 children on each side. They are portable, light-weight with in-built bench seating. The UV protected tabletop and benches fold down flat for convenience and can be easily put in the back of an SUV/Ute/Wagon. These small and foldable picnic tables for kids guarantee the best party equipment hire experience.

We offer 4 tables at $15 each and a delivery charge may apply based on your location. These folding picnic tables are ideal for children to enjoy meals in your backyard. Whether you are organising a picnic for your children and their friends or you are throwing a party on your kid’s birthday, these supremely crafted and beautiful picnic tables will be a perfect addition to your stylish party – perfect for meal time as well as fun activities.