How Irresistible is the Smell of Melted Butter?

How good is the sound of popping corn? Tempting? Isn’t it? Enjoy top-quality popcorn wherever you are hosting your party with our popcorn machine. Our popcorn machine makes fresh, authentic and hot popcorn just like what you enjoy at the cinemas. Over the years, we have earned a solid reputation for providing our customers with affordable popcorn and fairy floss machine hire packages.

Popcorn machines are a perfect addition to fundraisers, festivals, fetes, kid parties, movie themed parties and every other event in-between. Having this machine will help you keep the snacks stocked up for the duration of the event. Just remember that adults love popcorn just as much as children, so it is highly likely that you might need extra. We keep a minimum stock, so we might have to order more corn to match the requirements of your event. Tell us how much you need and we will keep our stock nice and fresh for you. Our popcorn machine needs to be plugged into mains power and must be set up on a steady benchtop or table.

We can deliver the machine to your office, hall, home, so no matter where you are hosting your event, our popcorn machine will be a superb addition to your party. Our standard package includes 100 serves including serving bags/cups and all ingredients such as corn kernels, butter, salt and oil.

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