Essential Tips for Hiring a Bouncy Castle

Are you planning out a birthday party for your kid? If yes, then consider hiring a bouncy castle. These jumping castles are one of the best sources of entertainment for kids of all sizes and age groups. When it comes to bouncy castle hire in Brunswick, you need to choose a company that provides top-notch service, quality equipment and fair prices. With several bouncy castle hire companies out there, choosing the right service provider could become a daunting task. Here are some tips to help you select the right bouncy castle hire company.

See for Yourself

To make sure that you get a well-maintained and good quality bouncy castle, you need to see it for yourself. Checking the measurements online is never equivalent to going to see the bouncy castle for yourself and getting a proper idea about its size.

Ask for references

Ask the bouncy castle hire company for references and talk to some of their past clients, if possible. A well-reputed company won’t hesitate to hand you a list of their satisfied customers.

Accidental Damage

Bouncy castles offer limitless fun, yet things can generally turn out badly. Ask what might happen if the jumping castle gets damaged. Children and grown-ups delve into a world of unlimited fun as jumping on a bouncy castle becomes the topmost priority. A little puncture from watches or keys are normal, but you must have proper clarity on who will have to repair such damages before signing the contract or making an agreement. For well-maintained, sanitised & clean party equipment hire, you need to look for well-reputed rental companies that can live up to your expectations.

Liability Insurance

Make sure whether the company has inflatable hire liability insurance. It is imperative to have insurance coverage so that you don’t have to pay a single penny in case of any mishaps or damage. For your peace of mind, you can ask to see their insurance certificate. So, when it comes to bouncy castle hire in Bunbury, never choose a company that does not have inflatable hire liability insurance.

Money and Contract

Different bouncy castle hire companies have different rental charges. Ensure that whatever is agreed with the company is recorded as a hard copy, signed and that you both get a copy. Be cautious about payin0g the full amount if the hire date is far away. Make a small deposit and pay the remaining amount for the jumping castle on the hire date.

Jumping castles can boost the ambience of your child’s birthday party. Let the little ones delve into the world of limitless fun and excitement.